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Without proper nutrition our body can’t survive. Your body it should be contain Protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamin then only your body healthy otherwise can’t survive.

Food sources: 

Most food has its origin in plants or animal origin. Some food is obtained directly from plants, but animals that are feeding them food it is derived from plants.

Taste perception:

Humans specifically have different types of tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami.

The tastes that provide the very most of energy (sugar and fats). Water, while important for survival, has no taste but it is very important to our health it should be want always.


Food presentations can encourage people to consume and attracting foods. We saying is that people eat with their eyes. Food presented in a neat way will encourage a good flavor.

The Indian cuisine each region developing a unique set of dishes, using variety ingredients. The food contains variety of dishes, sweet desserts and spicy snacks. Indian cuisine is strongly influenced by the Indian religion, Indian culture and traditions.

Indian food has also been influence on north Indian cuisine and south Indian cuisine.

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